Investment in the future of GEHRING CUT

GEHRING CUT invests in the future to successfully position itself to react to demanding market conditions.

In September 2015, we started running another Mikron HPM 5 axle milling center. The machine complements the already operating system of a first HPM with handling robot. Together with the integrated central computer which supports the operator in the production management, both machines and the robot impressively multiply the synergy of productiveness, availability and exactness.

With 60 pallets one shift is able to load the machines so that they can work round-the-clock. And with 350 available tools the machines can produce a variety of products at the same time. Managed by the central computer, this allows maximum efficiency.

Together with numerous process improvements which are put in place by GEHRING CUT, this new system is a significant factor for competitiveness from Switzerland for the global market.