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Welcome to GEHRING CUT.





GEHRING CUT is an established worldwide contract manufacturer of fully functional orthopaedic instruments, which strongly improve operation results for the surgeon and the patient.

Our products and service are high quality, innovative and meet all customer requirements.

Our extensive manufacturing know-how is geared towards the fulfillment of the needs of the multifaceted customer. With our state-of-the-art machine shop we have the ideal conditions to be a professional partner in a highly efficent manufacturing and supply chain.

With 70 employees, we are small enough to react quickly and flexibly to your demands, but still big enough to handle larger orders on time.


Successful exams in 2018

We congratulate our apprentices for successfully passing their final exams in summer 2018.

More about the apprenticeship final exams

Also successful were the mid-term exams.

More about the mid-term exams.


Career day 2017

A group of students visited GEHRING CUT to find out about the occupation "Polymechaniker".

More pictures of the career day 2017



Excursion GEHRING CUT 2017

The employees of GEHRING CUT went on an excursion in the surroundings of Matzingen.

More pictures of the excursion


Successful exams in 2017

We congratulate our apprentices, Stefan Bamberger and Armin Uzairi, for successfully passing their final exams in summer 2017.

Also successful were the mid-term exams of Mario Graf, Lea Kreidler and Yannick Suter. We wish them a lot of succes for the next part of their apprenticeship.


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